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Managed Risk & Security


Are you in an industry that is governed by regulatory compliance acts? Is the threat of an audit always looming?

Getting audited will cost your organization thousands! But what if you already had the reports ready for the auditor? Think of the savings!

We also have the technology and the know-how to prepare your  HIPAA, PCIDSS, GDPR, or other major compliance reports for you on a monthly basis. We can even tell you how you did and put a project plan in place if you are not meeting the relevant requirements. Stop looking over your shoulder, waiting for the big bill to come. Take control of your IT environment and start breathing easy.

With the Changes to the Privacy ACT and the implementation of the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme by the Australian Government in February 2018 all businesses including small business & sole traders are now required to report on any data breaches or face fines of over 3 Million dollars and or imprisonment depending on the severity of the breach. For more information visit

Don’t be afraid of an audit… be ready for it!

Benefits of Managed Risk and Security

Be Prepared with Support and Guidance from the Experts
Our highly trained staff will ensure that your reports are prepared the way the auditors want to see them and they will take the time to make sure you know what’s going on.

Secure Sensitive Client Data
This is the reason that those regulatory compliance acts exist in the first place. What would happen to your business or your reputation if your client data was stolen? Ensuring you met regulatory compliance requirements means you did everything the government suggested and takes the pressure off.

Address issues quickly
Running the reports monthly means you have time to ensure any issues found are dealt with and behind you. Don’t wait for the audit to happen because then you are paying the fines and the project bills at the same time.

Reduce operating costs
Failure to meet regulatory requirements can lead to hefty fines. Identifying and eliminating these risks will save you money!

Total peace of mind
With us, you never have to worry about being prepared for the inevitable audit. You’ll be ready and your IT will pass with flying colors!

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