TechSend offers a comprehensive service for the creation, implementation, and management of a cybersecurity framework that aligns with industry best practices and standards.

Creation of policies

We will work with your organisation to create a customized set of policies that align with the ACSC Essential Eight, ACSC Hardening Guides, ISM, Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls, and Benchmarks. We will ensure that your cybersecurity framework addresses key areas such as threat management, incident response, access control, and system hardening.

Implementation of policies

We will assist in the implementation of the policies and procedures, ensuring that they are integrated into your organisation ‘s daily operations and that all employees are properly trained on their roles and responsibilities.

Management of policies

We will provide ongoing management and monitoring of your cybersecurity framework to ensure it remains effective in protecting your organisation ‘s information systems and data. This includes regular reviews and updates to the policies, as well as training and awareness programs for employees.

Compliance and Auditing

We will assist in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards and provide regular auditing to evaluate the effectiveness of the framework and identify areas for improvement.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, we will provide incident response services to help contain and mitigate the incident and provide guidance on recovery and post-incident reporting.

With TechSend, you can be confident that your organisation ‘s cybersecurity framework is robust, up-to-date and aligned with industry best practices and standards.