TechSend’s Cyber Security Services are a strong way to protect yourself from current threats. We make sure your systems meet the highest standards by doing things like proactive risk assessments that find weak spots and thorough compliance and hardening measures.

Our toolkit has everything from cutting-edge DNS protection and implementing zero trust security to endpoint protection and data security. With easy-to-understand training and a watchful Security Operations Centre, we are your reliable partner in the constantly changing world of cybersecurity, helping to keep your digital assets safe.


Security is everybody’s business!

Security Risk Assessments

TechSend recognises that the complexities of cybersecurity can feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to balance industry expertise with the responsibility of protecting client data.

We recognise these obstacles and are available to assist you.

Our proactive approach begins with open conversations about security and exhaustive risk assessments. Our easily digestible reports cover essentials such as employee cybersecurity education, documentation of internal threats, vulnerability assessments, and incident response protocols.

This enables us to provide you with a comprehensive security assessment report that includes actionable suggestions to strengthen your defences.

Through comprehensive risk assessments that include network vulnerabilities, data compliance, and internal threats, we not only identify potential risks, but also give cyber threat reality a tangible weight. This service bridges the distance between security and compliance by serving as a catalyst for discussions about important security regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Whether you are in the healthcare, legal, or any other industry, we adhere to your industry’s specific confidentiality rules and legal obligations, bolstering your cybersecurity posture and ensuring your peace of mind.

Compliance, hardening and accreditation.

Enhance your cybersecurity resilience with the utilisation of TechSend’s comprehensive framework solution. We develop customised policies that adhere to industry standards such as ACSC Essential Eight, ISM, and CIS Controls, so assuring a holistic approach to managing threats, responding to incidents, and strengthening system security.

Our team of professionals adeptly incorporate and execute these regulations inside your day-to-day activities, including comprehensive employee training on various roles and duties. The continuous administration and monitoring of cybersecurity measures ensure the efficacy of the system, including periodic evaluations, enhancements, and educational initiatives.

Compliance with regulations is effectively ensured by meticulous auditing practises, while breaches are promptly contained and mitigated through our incident response services. Additionally, our services provide guidance for recovery efforts and the generation of post-event reports. TechSend ensures that your cybersecurity architecture remains strong, in accordance with industry standards, and optimised for optimal performance.

Policy & Governance

TechSend’s comprehensive framework service can bolster your cybersecurity resiliency.

We develop custom policies that are aligned with industry standards such as ACSC Essential Eight, ISM, and CIS Controls, ensuring comprehensive threat management, incident response, and system fortification. Our specialists will design, implement and integrate these policies into your daily operations, as well as provide training for employee positions and responsibilities.

Continuous administration and monitoring ensure the efficacy of your cybersecurity with regular reviews, updates, and awareness programmes. Through diligent auditing, we ensure compliance with regulations, and our incident response services quickly contain and mitigate breaches, guiding recovery and post-incident reports.

With TechSend, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity framework will continue to be robust, compliant with industry standards, and optimised for optimal performance.

Zero Trust

TechSend introduces you to the power of zero trust security, which is designed to counter threats from all directions, internal and external, within your company’s network. Adopting the principle of least privilege, we ensure that users and devices have access to only the resources required for their specific duties, thereby reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access and data breaches.

Our proficiency in implementing this model equips you with an array of security controls, including multi-factor authentication, network segmentation, and access controls, thereby bolstering your defences. With our assistance, your organization’s data and systems will be protected by policies and procedures that form a solid cybersecurity framework.

Endpoint Protection

At TechSend, protecting your devices and systems from threats is a top priority. Our skilled security specialists are prepared to assist your organisation in deploying a comprehensive array of endpoint protections, including antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.

Endpoint protection is crucial for preventing the spread of malware and other potential hazards that could compromise your data and systems.

By adopting robust endpoint protection, you can substantially reduce your exposure to data breaches, delays, and the negative effects of cyberattacks.

Count on us to tailor appropriate endpoint protection solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Antivirus
  • Malware Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Firewall
  • Script Protection
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting
  • Multi OS Support (Windows, Mac, Linux)

DNS Protection

TechSend introduces a fully managed DNS protection service designed to strengthen the internet connectivity and privacy of your organisation. Our solution combines cutting-edge DNS security and privacy technologies to provide a comprehensive defence against cyber threats. Our DNS protection service includes support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH), which ensures that DNS requests are encrypted and secure.

We provide organisations with complete control over their privacy and security preferences, enabling them to tailor visibility and logging to their specific needs. Using Threat Intelligence Technologies, our service employs threat intelligence-based filtering to accurately sieve through DNS requests, thereby minimising exposure to high-risk domains.

Our DNS protection is hosted securely on Google Cloud, ensuring optimal stability, dependability, and performance for optimal privacy and security. In addition, we enable local resolver visibility configurations, allowing instruments such as SIEMs to observe DNS requests. TechSend’s DNS protection service provides businesses with a dependable and robust DNS management platform, ensuring constant accessibility and security for web-based applications and websites.

Data Security

TechSend offers a variety of data security services to protect businesses from cyber hazards that target sensitive data. In a setting where data intrusions or loss can have dire repercussions, data security remains of paramount importance.

Our expertise equips you with an array of security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention, to safeguard your sensitive data. We offer assistance in the creation and implementation of data security policies and protocols, thereby ensuring the comprehensive protection of your organization’s data.

TechSend aides in the development and implementation of a robust data backup and disaster recovery plan to bolster your organization’s resilience. This ensures the availability of your vital systems and data, providing peace of mind in the event of unanticipated disruptions.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

TechSend provides both on-premises and off-premises backup options to ensure the accessibility of your vital systems and data. Our team of security professionals can assist you in developing and implementing a backup plan tailored to your organization’s requirements and budget.

On Site Backups at your organization’s principal location, physical media, such as hard drives or tapes, are used to store onsite backups. These backups can be used to recover data rapidly in the event of a natural disaster or other disruption.

Offsite backups, on the other hand, are typically stored in the cloud at a remote location. As they are maintained in a separate physical location, these backups provide additional security in the event of a catastrophe at your primary location.

Having backups in separate locations reduces the likelihood of data loss due to natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes. By storing backups in multiple locations, you can ensure that your data is safe even if a catastrophic event occurs.

Access & Identity Management

TechSend provides a variety of identity and access management services, a crucial foundation for ensuring that systems and data are accessible only to authorised users. This strategy is essential for protecting sensitive data and mitigating the risk of data intrusions. TechSend specialises in the implementation of essential tools, such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and password management solutions, with a concentration on the development of robust access and identity management controls.

Our expertise extends to the development of policies and procedures, ensuring strict control over system and data access. By adopting these controls, organisations cultivate an environment in which only authorised personnel have access to sensitive data, thereby substantially reducing the risks associated with data breaches and unauthorised entry.

Password Management

TechSend provides a comprehensive Password Management service designed to bolster your organization’s security.

By implementing stringent password policies, educating employees on best practices, and deploying advanced password management tools, such as password generators and vaults, we ensure that your systems and data remain safeguarded against cyber threats.

Our partnership with LastPass offers clients a dependable solution for password storage, while our Managed Password Service enables continuous monitoring and reporting on users’ password security.

With TechSend, you can enhance your password practices, mitigate risks, and cultivate a culture of robust cybersecurity.

TechSend Security Operations Centre

In the ever-present landscape of potential cyber threats, TechSend stands as your vigilant partner. Every system you use is vulnerable to attack, and that’s where our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) services come into play.

By entrusting us with your security monitoring and response, our certified security professionals will leverage advanced tools, such as the Azure Sentinel Cloud Native SIEM, to continuously monitor, assess, and respond to cyber threats.

Our comprehensive services encompass 24×7 threat monitoring, data collection, correlation, forensic investigation, incident management, and robust threat detection.

We offer actionable recommendations for threat mitigation, conducting root cause analysis and remediation when necessary. Our security consulting and recommendations further enhance your defences.

By outsourcing security monitoring and response to TechSend, you can focus on core business operations while ensuring the protection of your systems and data.

Cyber Security Training

TechSend stands at the forefront of comprehensive cyber security training services, equipping businesses and individuals with the knowledge needed to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Our training programs delve into the realms of cyberattacks, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and cyber insurgency, providing insights on recognizing, preventing, and mitigating threats across these domains.

Whether it’s phishing scams, malware protection, or responding to attacks, our engaging and interactive training ensures lasting results. Our Intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) streamlines training management, while our phishing simulator exposes users to realistic scenarios.

Our training courses, accessible on all devices, guarantee effective learning and are complemented by trackable, customizable campaigns through our LMS.

With TechSend’s expertise, cyber security education becomes both accountable and measurable, empowering organizations and individuals to fortify their digital defences.