TechSend can prove value to you by working with you in identifying potential security risks proactively with a Security Risk Assessment. And that starts with having the security conversation and conducting a risk assessment.

Security is a big deal

We see our clients as being the best at what you do but you’re typically not cybersecurity experts, and when you think about it you become overwhelmed and very concerned. So, while you may be aware that cybersecurity is important, you may not know where the risks are or what to do about them. At the same time, you must keep up with industry regulations like the and protect your client data and confidentiality at all costs.

How we do it

Presented in an easy-to-read report, a risk assessment will cover areas such as:

  • How employees are trained / educated about cybersecurity
  • If and how threats are documented and addressed internally
  • Whether the organisation assesses IT assets for vulnerabilities
  • Any plans or processes for addressing cybersecurity incidents (and whether that plan is followed during an actual incident)

Whats in a SRA?

A thorough risk assessment includes an assessment of

  • Network vulnerabilities!
  • Cloud vulnerabilities!
  • Data compliance issues, and even
  • Internal threats!

It can also make the threat of cyberattacks more real for customers who are not well informed or fully aware of their risks.

Why an SRA from TechSend?

A risk assessment from TechSend is a starting point for a discussion around compliance with key security and privacy laws and a stepping stone to meeting Essential Eight and ISM compliance, reducing risk to your business and your clients’ businesses and data.