TechSend Field Technicians are our front line in providing IT support to our customers and clients. IT is our mission to Provide clients and customers with on going support helping them to grow their knowledge of IT systems in a modern computing age.

This is an independent contract engagement that is flexible and work from home. Technicians are required to provide their own vehicle for transport to, from and between customer visits as well as a smart phone.

This job description is subject to change, and the Technician will be notified of any changes.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  1. Provide onsite technical support to customers and clients of both TechSend and associated contractor partners.
    • Install, troubleshoot, maintain computer systems and peripherals for both Microsoft Windows (“PC”) and Apple Mac (“Mac”) systems.
    • Provide basic user training to assist customers with increasing their knowledge of their IT systems.
    • Work closely with other field support staff to resolve complex issues.
    • Perform project related duties in accordance with project plans and tasks.
    • Provide support for major clod platform products such as google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.
    • Perform Hardware and Software upgrades as required.
    • Provide Request for quote to Admin team when additional hardware is required.
  2. Provide exemplary top-level customer service at all times.
    • Resolve technical issues in a timely manner.
    • Communicate in a non-techncial manner as to not confuse the customer.
    • Ensure customer satisfaction is maintained at all times.
    • Perform post service follow-up communication where required.
    • Promote & upsell other TechSend services where possible.
  3. Promote Continuous improvement
    • Provide ongoing support and training to customer.
    • Interact with TechSend, Customers, Clients, Contractors, Admin, Sales, Marketing and senior management
    • Engage with suppliers and other service providers to complete tasks as required
    • Update Tickets and knowledge base articles as required.
    • Provide senior management with recommendations for continuous improvement of systems and processes.
  4. Decision making authority
    • Engage with other TechSend staff and contractors to achieve desired client outcomes
    • Act independently when required
    • Apply and Maintain TechSend corporate values and policy
  5. Qualifications & Relevant Experience
    • 2 Years experience in an IT Technical Support role
    • Knowledge to troubleshoot problems with
      1. Both Windows and Mac Operating systems (we can train you in Mac).
      2. Computer & Internet networking.
      3. Hardware and software issues.
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Certificate IV, Higher or equivalent In an Information Technology field.
    • Relevant experience in providing technical support in homes and/or businesses.
    • Your own Laptop & Smart Phone
    • Your own Reliable, well maintained and comprehensively insured vehicle.
    • Completion and passing of a national police crime check.
  6. Working Hours
    • Normal hours of work will be at the contractor’s behest but must be between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday
    • Hours may vary and will require evening and weekend work as directed by TechSend Consulting and Customer / Client needs
  7. Working Environment
    • Field Technicians work from home
    • Field Technicians work on site in peoples homes and businesses
    • Must travel to, from and between customer/client/remote sites to complete tasks
  8. Tool’s & Equipment
    • The following is a list of items we suggest to carry daily to provide support to customers.
    • All other hardware should be quoted for.
QTY Item
x3 Power Cables
x3 VGA cables
x2 DVI Cables
x2 DisplayPort cables
x2 3.5mm RCA cable
x1 Small screw driver set available from Officeworks
x5 2m Network Cables
x2 5m network cable
x1 10m Network Cable
x1 Wireless extender
x1 Bootable MacOS USB Installer
Copies of the following operating systems on CD
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows XP
  • Smart Phone
    1. All technicians must have their own smart phone in order to access the required business apps to perform their role.
    2. Technicians will be reimbursed for all calls made for all call back requests logged.
  • Laptop
    1. All technicians should ideally have a laptop that can be taken into the field to perform technical diagnosis.
    2. Your laptop should have an Rj45 Ethernet port asell as wifi for network troubleshooting
  1. Physical demands
    • Digital dexterity and hand/eye coordination in operation of office equipment.
    • Lifting and carrying of supplies, files and products (up to 10 kg.)
    • Ability to speak to and hear customers and/or other employees via phone or in person.
    • Body motor skills sufficient to enable incumbent to move from one office location to another.