When valuable data appears lost or inaccessible, TechSend’s data recovery service is your saviour. Our qualified technicians can recover data from a variety of devices, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, and external hard drives.

Assessing the Issue

The first stage is a comprehensive evaluation of the problem with your device. Our technicians use their knowledge to determine the underlying cause of data loss, taking into account both hardware and software components, as well as the scope and character of the data loss.

Specialised Tools and Techniques:

TechSend uses a variety of specialised tools and techniques to recover lost or corrupted data. This includes the use of software-based data recovery tools designed to recover information from corrupted or deleted files. We use advanced techniques such as data carving and file carving to recover data from damaged file systems in more complex cases.

Data Recovery Strategy

Based on the evaluation, our technicians devise a data recovery strategy that is tailored to your particular situation. This strategy may consist of repairing corrupted files, extracting data from damaged hardware components, or utilising duplicate copies when available.

Prevention and Best Practices

Beyond data recovery, TechSend is dedicated to helping you prevent future data loss. Our technicians provide guidance on caring for and protecting your devices, including best practices for data backup, storage, and security. This proactive approach helps safeguard your data from future mishaps.

We recognise the critical importance of your data at TechSend. Our commitment is to provide data recovery services of the highest quality that meet your specific requirements. Don’t be disheartened if you experience data loss; contact us immediately and our experts will assist you in recovering your valuable data and advising you on how to protect it in the future.