TechSend is committed to improving your technological experience. Our device upgrade service is intended to improve the functionality and efficacy of your devices. Our team of seasoned technicians is prepared to assist you in evaluating your needs and identifying the most cost-effective, device-specific enhancements.

We provide an extensive selection of upgrade options, including both hardware and software enhancements. Whether you’re seeking to increase processing power, expand storage capacity, or optimise software performance, we’ve got you covered.

Our specialists will work closely with you to comprehend your objectives and priorities, ensuring that the upgrades meet your precise requirements. We will provide lucid recommendations, execute the enhancements efficiently, and conduct exhaustive testing to guarantee that your device functions optimally.

Using our upgrade services, you can extend the life of your devices, improve their functionality, and enjoy a more streamlined and effective computing experience. TechSend is committed to maximising the return on your technology investment.

Assessing your needs

At TechSend, our devoted technicians take a customised approach to determine the most appropriate enhancements for your particular device and needs. We recognise that every circumstance is unique, and we take the following factors into account during the decision-making process:

Device Age
We evaluate the age of your device to determine whether an investment in enhancements is prudent. The lifespan and efficacy of older devices may be extended by upgrades.

Current Performance
We assess the current performance of your device and identify any obstacles or restrictions. This allows us to identify the areas requiring development.

Your budget is an essential consideration. We work within your budgetary constraints to propose upgrade options that deliver the greatest performance enhancements at the lowest cost.

We ensure that any recommended enhancements are compatible with the existing hardware and software on your device, thereby preventing any potential compatibility issues.

Future requirements
We consider your future requirements and objectives, assisting you in planning upgrades that will continue to serve you well over time.

By collaborating closely with you and taking these factors into account, our technicians can provide upgrade recommendations that are specific to your device and requirements. We are dedicated to assisting you in making well-informed decisions that maximise the value and effectiveness of your technology investment.

Upgrading hardware

Our professional technicians might suggest hardware upgrades to improve the performance and speed of your device based on your individual demands and an examination of your device. These hardware enhancements may have a significant impact on the capabilities of your device. Here are some typical hardware enhancements we might recommend:

Processor Upgrade
Upgrade to a faster and more powerful processor can considerably increase your device’s processing speed, allowing for faster multitasking and improved performance with resource-intensive applications.

Memory (RAM) Upgrade
Increasing the amount of RAM in your device can enhance its ability to perform multiple tasks concurrently, reducing lag and boosting overall responsiveness.

Hard Drive or Solid-State Drive (SSD) Upgrade
Replacing a traditional hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD) can result in speedier boot times, data access, and system responsiveness overall.

Graphics Card Upgrade
Upgrade Your Graphics Card If you use your device for graphically intensive duties, such as gaming or video editing, upgrading the graphics card can result in smoother and more detailed visuals.

Expansion of Storage Capacity
If you are running out of storage space, we can recommend and install larger hard drives or solid-state drives to accommodate your expanding data storage requirements.

Our aim is to tailor the hardware upgrades to your specific requirements, ensuring that they align with your device’s capabilities and your budget. By investing in the appropriate hardware upgrades, you can give your device a new lease on life and increase its performance for years to come.

Upgrading software

In addition to hardware upgrades, TechSend provides comprehensive software enhancements to improve your device’s functionality and performance. Our qualified technicians are proficient in software upgrades, including upgrades to operating systems and other essential software components. How can we help with software upgrades?

Operating System Upgrade
We can assist you in upgrading your device’s operating system to the most recent version. This ensures you have access to new features, enhanced security, and enhanced efficacy overall.

Software Updates
We ensure that all of your essential software applications, such as antivirus programmes, drivers, and productivity software, are current. This reduces software security vulnerabilities and optimises performance.

Compatibility Checks
Before implementing any software upgrades, we perform exhaustive compatibility tests to ensure that the new software versions are compatible with your existing hardware and software.

Data Backup
Prior to major software upgrades, we can conduct a comprehensive data backup to protect your vital files and ensure they are not lost during the upgrade process.

Installation and Configuration
Our technicians manage the installation and configuration of software upgrades, ensuring that they are integrated seamlessly into the environment of your device.

Performance Testing
After the upgrade, we conduct exhaustive performance testing to ensure that your device is operating optimally and there are no compatibility issues.

By upgrading your software, you can gain enhanced security, additional features, and enhanced system performance. Whether it’s an update to your operating system or an upgrade to your software applications, TechSend is here to help you remain abreast of the most recent software advancements.

Providing guidance on how to use the upgraded device

At TechSend, our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond just upgrading your device. Once your device has undergone upgrades and improvements, our experienced technicians are ready to provide you with the guidance and training you need to make the most of the new features and functionality effectively.

At TechSend, we are committed to providing our clients with top-quality device upgrade services that meet their unique needs.

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