TechSend provides a service that assists clients in preparing insurance reports for their technological equipment and devices. Our team of trained technicians is able to assess and document the condition of devices, as well as offer advice on the most effective methods for protecting them.

Evaluating and recording the condition of equipment

Our technicians will evaluate the condition of your devices and produce a report detailing their current state. This may include conducting diagnostic procedures and identifying any existing damage or problems.

Providing guidance on the most effective device protection options

Based on the evaluation of your devices, our technicians can advise you on the optimal protection measures. This may include recommendations for insurance policies or other forms of protection, as well as maintenance and care instructions for your devices.

Contributing to the insurance claims procedure

If you need to file an insurance claim for a damaged or lost device, our technicians can assist you by supplying the necessary paperwork and other details.

TechSend is committed to providing our clients with premium insurance report services tailored to their specific requirements.

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