Exchange Online / Email Management

TechSend provides skilled Exchange Online management services to assist businesses in managing their email system and ensuring optimal communication and collaboration.

Exchange Online / Email Management Services Include

Management of users/groups

Our team will assist with the creation, modification, and management of Exchange Online users and groups. This comprises the addition and removal of users, the assignment of licences, and the creation of distribution groups.

Shared Mailbox Creation & Delegation

Our staff will aid with the creation, administration, and delegation of shared mailboxes and provide training so that your team can utilise them successfully.

Configuration of connectors between sites

Our expertise will aid in the configuration of site-to-site links to ensure a seamless and effective email flow. This includes establishing routeing, delivery, and transport connectors.

Configuration of internet connectors

Our experts will aid in installing internet connectors for incoming and outbound email flow, guaranteeing that external email may be sent and received.

Management of OWA, POP, IMAP connectors

Our specialists will aid in the configuration and management of OWA, POP, and IMAP connections, ensuring that users may access their email from a range of devices and clients.

Mailbox reports

Our team will provide thorough mailbox reports, which will include mailbox size, usage statistics, and other pertinent data.

Replication of public folders

Our specialists will aid with the duplication of public folders, ensuring that users can access crucial shared data from numerous places.

Active Directory, Exchange Server

When Exchange Online is deployed in a Hybrid on-Premises environment, Exchange online management in certain situations also needs control of the active directory and server. TechSend will aid in the management of active directory and server to ensure Exchange online’s smooth operation.

With TechSend’s Exchange Online administration services, you can be assured that your email system is operating smoothly and efficiently, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Call us immediately to find out how we can assist you in managing your Exchange Online system.